Funny Video Clips for Kids

Watch funny videos! There are a range of short funny video clips for kids with funny movements, music, actions, stories and graphics. America's Funniest Home Videos, a free web portal for kids brings a very funny way of entertainment for kids of any age groups.

To Parents & Teachers

The visual appeal of a funny video is the element that draws the attention of a child. Kids always love to watch the lovable activities of cute little babies. If your kid loves music, you can choose from our very funny music clips with animated pictures. A funny bath time song video will definitely take your kids to enjoy their bath time. Find short funny videos featuring animal heroes like monkeys, elephants, tiger, tortoise, seals and more which will make your children dance and sing along with their favorite zoo animals.

Funny videos will be updated frequently so you can enjoy the newest variety of funny videos every day for free. We provide completely kid-safe funny videos and ensure a positive and safe viewing experience for your kids.

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