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Teachers need resources that they can utilize, in their everyday professional life. We provide tips in many areas of teaching, that will help you become a successful teacher. These teaching resources can be used be both young and old, novice and experienced teachers.

The ‘best’ teaching

Do you remember your own teachers? Who are the teachers you remember? I bet they are the ones who were either the best or the worst. What are the qualities that make a teacher the ‘best’?

Looking good

How does a teacher look ‘good’ or ‘professional’? Is there an ‘ideal look’ for a teacher? Read on, to find tips on how a teacher can have an elegant appearance in front of her students. How to look good as a teacher?

Tips for behaviour in the class

How does a good teacher behave in the class? What are the guidelines or tips? We provide tips for you to follow to ensure that your behaviour in the class is appropriate and contributes to great teaching. What are the tips for behaviour for a teacher in the class?

Fun ways to introduce your lesson

Here is what you need to introduce your lessons in a fun way that gets your students’ attention, and ready for your lesson. This is a great way to motivate your students to sit up and listen to you. Begin each lesson with one or two of these fun facts.

Fun activities for students

Do your students look bored or uninterested? Do you need a ‘filler’ activity while you take a few minutes’ much needed rest on the chair? This is a five minute activity for your students that will refresh their mind, and get them ready for more learning. Here are some fun activities for students: Five minute activity for students | Games to teach English spelling | Words for Spelling Bee

Exercises in English Grammar – Sentence Correction

Exercises in sentence correction as a power point presentation for teachers. Use these exercises to teach students how to write grammatically accurate English.

Essay Writing Tips and Sample Essays

Essay writing tips and sample essays. Learn how to write an essay and read sample essays. Useful for school and college students, and as teaching resources.

Brilliant Tech Tools for Teachers to Improve Productivity

Seven brilliant technological tools for teachers to improve their productivity and effectiveness. These apps let you teach and assess using technology.

Top New Year resolution ideas for Teachers

Ideas to kick start the New Year. Be more organized. Be more updated. Be kinder. Be a better teacher.

Public Speaking Tips and Sample Speeches


Fun Word Puzzles

Should Fast Food Restaurants be Banned?

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