Things Parents Should Know When Overcoming Video Game Addiction With Chess

Is your kid playing too many video games? Do you suspect that they have become addicted to gaming? If you stopped for a second after reading the last couple of questions, it means the situation is alarming, and your urgent attention is required. Now that we have your attention, how about we tell you that you can make your kid quit video games with a chess set?

You may giggle a bit after reading that. But it’s true.

Yes! The game of kings, as Chess is popularly called, has miraculous benefits for kids, which you must be very well aware of. From strengthening their cognitive skills to improving strategy building, playing Chess sharpens young minds.

But what you probably didn’t know was that Chess is the one-word answer to your question – “How do you break the video game addiction of kids?

This blog will guide you on how a chess set can be used to combat gaming addiction in kids. Moreover, you’ll also discover the most popular Chess sets for kids in the latter part.

Gaming Disorder Among Kids – A Matter of Concern for the Parents

The technology-driven, fast, fast-paced world has brought another concern for parents, and it is termed a Gaming Disorder or Gaming Addiction.

What is gaming addiction?

It is a serious mental health condition where a person dedicates an uncontrollable amount of attention to playing videos while putting everything else down on the priority list.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines it this way –

Gaming disorder is defined in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a pattern of gaming behavior (“digital-gaming” or “video-gaming”) characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.

The term addiction is itself scary for the parents. Seeing your kid spending a lot of time on screen playing video games isn’t a pleasant thing at all, and it should never be ignored.

Gaming addiction leads to wrist pain, neck pain, and even skin blisters in kids. While in the long term, kids who spend long hours playing video games may suffer from sleeping disorders, numbness, and much worse.

Are you confused if your kid is suffering from gaming addiction or not?

It is often confusing for parents to identify whether their kid is overusing video games or they are addicted.

Key Symptoms of Gaming Addiction

  • Unsuccessful attempts to stop or moderate video game usage.
  • Preoccupation with gaming thoughts when not playing video games.
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, or regret about behaviors associated with gaming.
  • Hiding gaming activities from loved ones.
  • Becoming defensive or combative when asked to stop playing games.
  • Engaging in deceptive or immoral behavior, such as lying or stealing, to continue gaming.

Now, after watching so many videos and reading a lot of content on ‘how to quit video games?’, you are still clueless about how to save your kid from gaming disorder.

What’s the solution?

Combatting Gaming Addiction with a Chess Set

Introducing a chess set to a child can be an effective way to combat their gaming addiction. In the era of digital technology, where kids are more and more captivated by the immersive and occasionally compulsive qualities of computer games, providing a constructive and cerebrally engaging diversion like Chess is beneficial. Parents and other carers must identify the symptoms of gaming addiction in children, which include excessive screen usage, withdrawal symptoms, neglecting other activities, and others, as mentioned earlier in this blog.

When we say that Chess is a great way to tackle gaming addiction, it is backed by a lot of concrete reasons. It transforms from a game into a tool for overall development. Chess is an intellectual game that requires strategy and cerebral thinking, which challenges and rewards children’s minds. It fosters patience, critical thinking, and focus while providing a respite from the fast-paced, frequently overstimulating world of video games.

Let’s find out more about how playing Chess can forge the minds of kids and aid your purpose of making them quit video games.

Good Option to Involve Kids:

Giving kids a chess set is an engaging and cognitively challenging way to replace screen gaming. Chess’s strategic structure offers a distinct kind of challenge, diverting children’s focus from the potentially addicting elements of video games.

Brain-Working Activity for Young Minds:

Since Chess is known to improve cognitive function, it’s a great game for younger players. Chess requires critical thinking, planning, and forethought, which develops mental agility and gives young minds a constructive way to release their energy.

Creates Social Bonds:

Since playing Chess is a social game by nature, encouraging children to play with friends, family, or even in a local chess club helps them develop real-world relationships. It offers a more healthful social outlet and lessens the isolation that is frequently linked to gaming addiction.

Time-management abilities:

Chess games have a defined length, which helps kids manage their gaming time well. This systematic approach helps break the pattern of prolonged gaming sessions and encourages a more well-rounded daily schedule.

Promotes Concentration and Mindfulness:

Children naturally become more mindful when they play Chess since it requires focus. Getting them involved in the complexities of the game is a therapeutic way to divert their attention from the obsessions that come with gaming addiction.

These many reasons are enough for you to believe that playing Chess can actually aid kids in quitting video games.

But you can’t simply buy a chess set for your kid and hope to see them showing interest in playing the game of kings. Here’s how you can make them develop interest in playing chess.

Promoting Kids To Do More Problem Solving Activities

Encouraging kids to solve puzzles daily is an excellent method to help them develop critical problem-solving abilities. The secret is to balance giving them mentally stimulating tasks and preventing them from becoming extremely frustrated.

The puzzles’ ever-greater intricacy guarantees that each one is solved with a sense of satisfaction, encouraging a constructive approach to problem-solving. Children who solve every puzzle not only get to do something fun and satisfying, but they also gain confidence and build a strong foundation for playing the game of chess.

Along with this, your understanding of the game will also support your kids in learning the basics and different chess tactics.

Parents’ Understanding of Chess is Important – Know Why

A parent’s chess expertise is a powerful tool for fostering their child’s intellectual development. Knowing the game’s nuances, you may actively participate in your kid’s chess adventure and promote a positive, stimulating learning environment.

When you understand the fundamentals of chess, it gets easier to provide your kids with invaluable advice when they face difficulties. With this understanding, you can take on the role of mentors, helping your kids gently when they get stuck on a puzzle or in a strategic quandary.

But are we anti-video games?

No, we’re not. The reason why parents should pay a little extra attention to the video gaming habits of their kids is its harsh consequences.

Video Gaming is a Total Waste for Kids

Although video games can provide amusement and a feeling of involvement, it’s crucial to recognize the possible drawbacks and take into account the claim that excessive gaming might be seen as a complete waste of time for children. Video games have negative effects on children’s development and well-being that should be taken into account.

  • Physical Health Concerns: Extended periods of video game-related sedentary behavior can lead to a number of physical health problems, such as obesity and related disorders. In growing youngsters, inactivity can impede the development of critical motor skills and general physical fitness.
  • Effect on Academic Performance: Playing video games too much can have a negative impact on academic achievement. Playing video games too often might impede a child’s intellectual growth by interfering with their ability to study, do their schoolwork, and engage in other educational activities.
  • Social Isolation: Being alone in front of a screen for extended periods might cause social isolation. Children who experience social withdrawal may miss out on important opportunities to grow in social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence.
  • Sleep disturbances: The engaging qualities of video games, especially their vivid graphics and captivating narratives, can cause sleep disturbances. A child’s general health, emotional state, and cognitive abilities can all be adversely affected by inadequate and irregular sleep.
  • Behavioral Problems: Children’s behavioral problems have been related to excessive exposure to violent or unsuitable video game content. Potential outcomes include aggressive behavior, heightened impulsivity, and trouble controlling frustration.

So, what’s the best way to get your kid into playing Chess and lead them to quit playing video games?

Introducing your Kids to a Chess Prodigy

Introducing kids to a chess prodigy is a great approach to foster a connection with the game, as chess prodigies can have a profound impact on their lives. Imagine a young person, usually under 15 years old, who has attained extraordinary proficiency in the complex game of Chess.

One such remarkable example is the well-known Indian chess prodigy R Pragnanandha. A youthful individual whose incredible abilities have not only drawn notice from the chess world but also acted as a role model for aspiring younger players. Pragnanadha has shown tactical skill, strategic understanding, and a profound grasp of the game that is much beyond their years, even at such a young age.

Few chess prodigies in the past ten years have fit the description of a prodigy quite like India’s Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. At the age of ten, he achieved the distinction of being the youngest International Master, which is the second-highest title after Grandmaster.

After Viswanathan Anand, he is the only other Indian to reach a World Cup final and qualify for the Candidates tournament. In 2018, he became the second-youngest Grandmaster, having defeated three-time world champion Magnus Carlsen in online games.

Do you sense some inspiration? Yeah, your kid is going to feel the same when you introduce them to such young chess players.

It’s clear that a chess set is capable of making kids quit their jobs. So, let’s quickly explore the best Chess sets for your kids.

Ideal Chess Sets for Kids

The Study Tournament Plastic Chess Pieces & Roll Up Chess Board Combo – 3.1″ King

This combo set is designed for those looking to enhance their chess skills. The plastic chess pieces are tournament-sized with a 3.1″ king, offering durability and easy maneuverability.

Travel Series Folding Magnetic Lacquer Chess Set Sheesham & Maple – 7″

Crafted for travel enthusiasts, this folding magnetic chess set features exquisite lacquered Sheesham and Maple wood pieces. The 7″ size strikes a balance between portability and detailed craftsmanship.

Travel Series Folding Magnetic Lacquer Chess Set in Sheesham & Maple – 10″

Similar to its smaller counterpart, this 10″ version of the Travel Series Folding Magnetic Lacquer Chess Set offers a larger playing surface. The Sheesham and Maple wood pieces are expertly crafted, providing a touch of elegance to the chess set.

The Professional Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Black Dyed & Ivory White Solid Plastic – 3.75″ King

This chess set exudes professionalism with Staunton-style chess pieces crafted from black dyed and ivory white solid plastic. The 3.75″ king ensures a substantial yet manageable size for play.

The Club Series Special Light Weighted Plastic Chess Set – 3.8″ King

Catering to kids who aspire to join chess clubs and casual players, The Club Series chess set features lightweight plastic pieces with a 3.8″ king. The set strikes a balance between durability and ease of handling.

Combo of The Study Analysis Plastic Chess Pieces & Wooden Chess Board – 3.1″ King

This combo set combines study and analysis, featuring plastic chess pieces with a 3.1″ king, ideal for both learning and strategic gameplay. Paired with a wooden chess board, the set offers a classic aesthetic while providing a sturdy and reliable platform for chess players.

The Checkmate Series Tournament Plastic Chess Set (34 Pieces) Heavily Weighted with Extra Queens – 3.75″ King

The Checkmate Series stands out as a tournament-grade set with heavily weighted plastic pieces. The 3.75″ king ensures visibility and precision during play, and the inclusion of extra queens adds strategic depth, making it a preferred choice for kids.

Shamrock Chess Set Painted in Vivid Irish Green & White Plastic – 3.75″ King with Board

The Shamrock Chess Set offers a touch of Irish charm with its vivid green and white painted plastic pieces. The 3.75″ king size provides a comfortable playing experience for kids.

Choosing the Right Chess Set for Your Kids

Chess is undoubtedly a great way for kids to actually begin their journey away from video games and towards better and improved mental health. But you need more than choosing Chess; you need to ensure you pick the perfect chess set that offers a professional gaming experience to your kid.

Here are a few things to consider while buying a Chess set for kids –

  • Quality of the chess board and pieces.
  • If the chess set follows official guidelines.
  • Material of the chess set.

Anyways, you already have the list of the best Chess sets for kids, as provided above. Buy now and set your kids on the journey to quit video games.


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